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Snowmobiling Technology

Engine Tuning and Information  - Clutching - Suspension & Traction - Manuals & Diagrams - Miscellaneous Tech Articles - Restoration

Engine Tuning and Information

2 Stroke International  - Engine Storage

Boyesen - Power Reed Installation & Tips

Carbon Tech - Reeds - The in's & out's

Century Performance Center - Air Flow Conversion Chart

Century Performance Center - Race Fuel Comparison - Octane

Century Performance Center - Spark Plugs 

HPT Sport - Fuel-Induction-Engine-Tuned Pipes 

Project XS 2000 - Mikuni VM & TM  Carb Tuning Info

Mac Dizzy the Enthusiast - Cylinder Mapping 

Mac Dizzy the Enthusiast - Engine Building Formulas 

Mac Dizzy the Enthusiast  - Basic Porting 

NGK Spark Plugs  - Plug Info - Applications - Tech Tips

Ron Sutton - Mikuni VM34SS Carb Modifications

Snowmobile Online -Markus - Slide Carburetor Synchronization

Snowmobile Online - Mark Austin - R.A.V.E. Maintenance

Snowmobile Online -Rob Schley  - Rotational Inertia & Weight 

Southwest Research Institute  - 2 Stroke Engine Technology 

Starting Line Products - More Power - Tuning Booklets

The Performance Professor  - Engine Design

T.S.R Software  - Gears - Horsepower 

Vintage Mercury Snowmobiles - Carburetor

Walbro - Bendix - Carburetor Adjustment



Gates  - Clutch Trouble Shooting

Gates  - Clutch Operation

Gates  - Clutch Calibration

Snow Tech Magazine  - Clutches

Snowmobile Online  - Gearing Calculator

TSR Software  - Sprocket Ratio Chart

Vintage Mercury Snowmobiles  - Clutch 


Suspension & Traction

Bergstrom Skegs - Skis - Wear Bars - Traction

Totally Yamaha - Weight Transfer Rods


Manuals & Diagrams


Bob's T'NT Skidoo Page - Carb Diagrams & Part #'s '61-'72

Brown's Leisure World - Microfiche Diagrams - Arctic Cat

Gates - Clutch Diagrams

John Deere - Service Manuals

Polaris Man - Polaris Specs - Shop manuals

Ronnie's Yamaha Snowmobile Page - Microfiche Diagrams - Yamaha

Ronnie's Skidoo Model Page - Microfiche Diagrams - Skidoo

Vintage Arctic Cats - '72 & '74 Parts Manual & Wiring Diagrams

Vintage Mercury Snowmobiles - CDI - Diagrams



Miscellaneous Tech Articles


Boyesen - Reeds-One way valves

Mac Randolph Yamaha - Yamaha Modifications

The Performance Professor - Performance Articles

Snowmobile Online - Formula to calculate MPH

Snowmobile News - Servicing Brakes

Snowmobile News - Twins vs. Triples

SnoWest - Tech Articles

TSR Software - Brake Mean Effective Pressure

TSR Software - Detonation

Wrenching with Rob - The meaning of Gas



Blake Read's Sno-Jet - Sno Jet Specifications & Carbs

Blake Read's Sno-Jet - Restoration, Mods & Service Tips

Blake Read's Sno-Jet - How to ID your Sno Jet

Bob's T'NT Skidoo Page - Carb Diagrams & Part #'s '61-'72

Doug Hakala's Free Air Skidoo - Specifications '70-'78

Doug Hakala's Free Air Skidoo - Restoration

Vintage Arctic Cats - '72 & '74 Parts Manual & Wiring Diagrams

Vintage Mercury Snowmobiles - CDI - Diagrams

Vintage Mercury Snowmobiles - Clutch

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