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2012-2013 Season


2/12/14 - S52B was groomed today the whole length from Dahl's to George Rd., down S56 south to Darrow Rd. to the turnaround.

2/11/14 - S56 has been groomed from Mexico to Pulaski on the rail bed this afternoon and from Mexico to Parish this evening.

2/10/14 - S56 was fully groomed Sunday afternoon.  That's the first time this year we've had enough snow to do this.

2/8/14 - Tucker 2 groomed the railbed and to the ball park and to Chapman Road and the trail to Parish.


1/29/14 - S52 to Parish and to the ball park and the railbed have been groomed.  Don't forget that S52 from New Haven to Palermo is open, it's just not on the county map.
As of right now, the snow is really thin from Palermo to Phoenix.  Tucker 1 was out today and groomed from Dahl's Diner to Mack Rd in New Haven, then south down S56 to the turn around on Darrow Rd. Some of the areas have less snow than others, so please be careful. Don't be afraid to stop and help by kicking rocks, sticks or any other debris there may be in the trail out of the way.


1/21/14 - Sorry about the lack of posts on the trails, but we haven't really gotten that huge snowfall that we're accustomed to getting. We do have enough to say the trails are open, but there is no base. Watch for rocks, stumps, downed trees, or anything else that could be a hazard.
Please stay off the North Volney Methodist Church property at the corner of Co Rte 6 and Co Rte 4. There, the trail goes down the side of the road. Just follow the signs.
Have fun and be careful

1/11/14 - Due to the thin snow coverage and the state law requiring 3" minimum of snow for opening the trails, they are closed until further notice.

1/3/14 - It is assumed that we have mostly frozen terrain, 6-8" of powder with no base.  Riding at reduced speeds and extra caution is advised.  Square Valley trails are listed as "OPEN" but Pulaski is still listed as closed on the southern end.  Signing from Lycoming south along the power lines to Rt. 104 (Dahl's Diner) may not be complete at this time.


12/16/13 - Good news!
Its looking like the soonest we will open the trails will be on December 23rd. Two days earlier then what was told before.

We will be signing from New Haven to Palermo to Phoenix on Saturday the 21st. We are still looking for help. Meet at the Palermo diner at 7:30am and we'll go from there. If everything gets done, opening the 23rd will be very possible.


12/15/13 - There have been riders on the trails this weekend and it frustrates us as much as it frustrates the land owners. We are trying our best to keep this from happening. We've put up gates, signs, posts on Facebook and so on, but the people that are doing this are not contributing club members. Most members know that it is a privilege, and wouldn't do anything to jeopardize the trail system for the many responsible riders we have in our club and the surrounding clubs. If you are having a problem because of this you can contact a club board member here or you can contact the authorities, its your land, and we do not have the jurisdiction to have anyone arrested, ticketed or anything else.
We are very sorry that there are a few that cannot follow the rules, I guess there are some in every crowd.


12/14/13 - Just a reminder. All MTR trails are CLOSED. Even if we get 10 feet of snow tonight, they are still closed. The gates are NOT open and there are fences across the trail in a few spots. A lot of the signs haven't even been put up yet. I you have to ride, ride on your own property.
Please spread the word and share this message. All it takes is one sled to shut down the trail.

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2012-2013 Season


3/27/13 - Looks like the gates are closed for the season.

A HUGE thanks goes out to all the landowners for allowing us to use their property and put up with the annoyances that goes along with it. Another thanks goes to the volunteers .... club members and non.. Without all of you, MTR could not be possible .

Remember, 4-wheelers are NOT allowed on MTR trails at anytime, and landowners can, and will call authorities if you are trespassing.

Our monthly meeting will be on April 10th, when we will be accepting nominations for positions on the board.

Have a safe summer and we'll see you next season.


3/22/13 - Due to the recent snowfall, the gates have been opened and the trails re-opened.


3/13/13 - Trails are closed till further notice. The gates have been closed to keep 4 wheelers off the snowmobile trails. Will keep you informed if anything changes.


3/7/13 - S52 Groomed to parish the wet hole to Ostranders is filled back in again should hold up for a little while


3/5/13 - Tucker 2 went out and groomed S52 from the Village of Mexico to Pulaski, then over to the Town park, and back. Our base has held up quite well, but is getting thin the closer you get to Pulaski.


2/23/13 - Got the waterhole going to Ostranders all filled in should stay high and dry now.  Use caution on s56 from New Haven to Palermo. Tucker 3 is broken down by the Co Rte 51 crossing and the waterhole on the north side of Rte 51 is a mess from getting Tucker 3 out.


2/22/13 - Deep water hole going to Ostranders use caution ,trying to get some pallets in it today, the rest of s52 to parish is in great shape.


2/20/13 - A few inches last night, and at least double that today over our whole trail system.
Tucker 3 groomed their whole part of S56 today, from Phoenix, to Palermo and up to their turnaround in New Haven.


2/16/13 - Once again, just a dusting of snow last night. I'm told trails are still ride able, it helps being that its currently 18 degrees. Expect lots of ice where you don't want it and not enough ice where you want it.
Be smart, stay on the trails and off the peoples lawns on the side of the road. Stay out of the fields except where it is marked to ride. Don't run over the markers, they are there for a reason.


2/7/13 - Tucker 3 has been out and groomed from the County Trail up S56 to the turnaround at Darrow Rd.


2/5/13 - The Scriba crew went out today in Tucker 1 and groomed S52b to Mack Rd , picked up S56 to the turn around at Stevens on Darrow Rd and then around to the turnaround at Dahls
Tucker 2 left Mexico and headed to the Pulaski turn around on S52 and picked up the trail over to the Town Park and Ride. Coverage is good, but it does get thin over towards the Pulaski end and there are a few ice patches on the railbed.
Tucker 2 is presently on its way to the Parish turn around at Kipp Rd on S52.
Tomorrow am..... Tucker 3 will head from Palermo and go to the County trail turnaround in Phoenix on S56.
That should cover just about all our system....

2/2/13 - Most of our system lost all of our snow this past week, and then we only got a foot or so that settled to four or five inches around Mexico. No groomers are out (that I know of) and I hear there is lots of water.
We need snow. If anyone can help with this, just bring it in the area and drop it off.... a foot at a time would be nice.



1/26/13 - As of this evening, the trails are in pretty bad shape and there's not enough snow to groom. There was a lot of traffic on our system today. We're getting reports all over that there is mainly snirt left with holes that need to be filled.


1/25/13 - Looks like all three groomers have been out in the last 24 hrs. The snow is getting thin on the Pulaski side of our system, but just about all the wet holes have froze over.
Please keep the track spinning to a minimum and stay between the trail markers so others can enjoy the ride


1/23/13 - Tucker 3 made it out this afternoon and went from Palermo North to Jeff's Alignment on S56.
Tucker 1 is out presently on S52 headed from Mexico to Kipp Rd in Parish.
Since the groomers are getting out, you know some of the waterholes will be re-opened. So be on the lookout and remember to STAY ON THE MARKED TRAILS.


1/22/13 - Just a quick note. It looks like our whole trail system has gotten at least six inches, to as much as two feet of snow. There have been reports of trees down around 104B and Mack Road , so please ride carefully until we can get out there and get things cut up.


1/15/13 - The recent warm weather has done us in!  Hopefully we will get cold temperatures and plenty of snow in the near future.  We are all anxious to get out there and ride. Please wait until we have enough snow.  It would be a shame to lose trails due to a few people who could not wait for adequate snow.


1/5/13 - Looks like the swamp behind simplearrs on S52B has iced over.... just a few damp spots left.  S52B to New Haven was descent, even along George rd.... Looks like the town has left us a bit of shoulder to ride on. And for the most part it looks like people are staying out of the driveways and lawns. A big thanks for that.  Tucker 1 groomed from Scriba to Dahls. They did open up a few water holes so be on the lookout for those.  S52,the railbed, to Pulaski was choppy but lots of snow. Pulaski had to move their trail on the northeast side of Co Rte 41, so be aware if you're headed that way. There is still some brush and wet spots over there, but you can get to Pulaski again.


1/4/13 - S52B to George Rd. There are still some small water holes but things are looking better. Use caution from about the 104B crossing to George Rd as it gets a bit narrow due to some brush and the condition of the old railbed itself.
They are calling for a warm up next week, so you better get out and enjoy.


1/3/13 - S52 was groomed from Simplears South to Eis House then over to NAPA and back north to the Pulaski Line at Atkinson Rd. Lots of snow and they didn't hit any water till the way back on the Mexico ByPass between Minkler Rd and Rte3. There was about a three foot hole about fifteen feet long that they tried to fill. We'll see if this cold weather helps any.


1/1/13 - We are dangerously close to LOSING a good chunk of trail on S56. People are NOT riding in the MARKED trail between RED SCHOOLHOUSE RD and CLIFFORD RD in PALERMO. (Seeley Brook Farm) It is marked extremely well, with snow fence even, yet people are riding in the newly planted field rather than staying on the trail.
Please.... Parents talk to your children! Snowmobilers...... Talk to your buddies....


2009-2010 Season

March    3/8... 10:00AM... THAT'S ALL SHE WROTE!.....STICK A FORK IN IT!.....TRAILS ARE CLOSED!!!

                                It looks like it's over for another year. The temperature and precipitation just isn't what we're looking for, but

                                then again, it's been that way all winter.  It's not worth running from snow patch to snow patch, we've

                                had enough damage this year already.  Please respect the landowner, and put the toys away, unless you're going to

                                trailer.  Remember....these are snowmobile trails....NOT 4-wheeler, dirt bike, or whatever, trails!!


                                I want to thank all that have helped out this year, without the volunteers none of this is possible.  Another HUGE

                               THANK YOU goes out to all of our many landowners.  Since ALL of our trails cross private landowner property,

                                none of this could even be thought of without you!!!!!!


                               Also, thanks for the interest in MTR trails, and our club.  A growing amount of members spend a

                               lot of time to keep things going all year long.  It's nice to hear the positive comments from everyone.


                               Wednesday night will be our monthly meeting at 7:30PM at Hazzy's in New Haven.  Next month's meeting on

                               April 14th, we will hold our elections for the 2010-2011 season at Jeff and Mary's Drive Way In. So if you want

                               your voice to be heard, please come this wednesday night, to nominate someone you feel should be recognized, then

                               wednesday April 14th to vote for them.


                               If something ridiculous happens, say we get three feet Friday night, I'll be back and let you know what's up!


                               Try to enjoy your summer.....winter is only eight months away!!!!


                       3/6... 8:00PM...Its not good Mexico way.... I just tried to run to Happy Valley on S52 from Mexico, but I had to turn

                                around and head back a few miles short. I should have borrowed a sled or for this ride. There is still adequate

                                snow coverage for the most part.....All the fields have plenty, but you get near the hedge rows, or railroad bed,

                                edge of the woods, etc., the snow disappears quickly. Once you get to Square Valley's line you're down to dirt

                                and very large rocks.

                               The railroad bed,S52 towards Pulaski, is shot at this time, and Pulaski has closed their trails west of Rte 11.

                               I guess all we have left is the Palermo section on S56, and  I haven't heard anything from them today, so I can't

                               tell you how it handled today's traffic.

                               Sadly, until we get more  snow, this will be the last time I will be able to give you a first hand description on

                              this this area.  I will post all information as I get it.


                       3/5...  5:00PM...Palermo is out right now headed south to the county trail in Phoenix on S56.  That means S56 has been

                                 groomed from the turnaround on Darrow Road  to the county trail in the last 24 hrs.  should be a good ride.

                                 Pulaski has closed their trails once again west of RTE 11 due to the lack of snow, so if you travel north on S52,

                                 the railbed to Pulaski,  you will have to turn around at Atkinson Road. 

                                 This may be the last weekend for riding around here so get out and enjoy it


                       3/4...  5:00PM...Looks like Palermo has been out grooming S56 from Red Schoolhouse Rd to the turn-around at Darrow

                                 rd.  I'm told there's all sorts of snow there and that the trail has come right back.  Might be the last chance to

                                 ride over in this area so you better get going before you lose out.


                       3/3... 8:30PM... I just unloaded at NAPA and ran down S52 east to Co Rte 38 and back. Not a bad ride considering.

                                The fields are still covered and so were the woods, the only place there was a lack of snow was just west of

                                Halsey Rd. Might be about twenty feet, right where the downed tree is.  The trail is holding up quite well, there

                                wasn't any water hole we couldn't get around. The snow is disappearing fast though.

                                S52 north, the rail bed, gets worse the farther north you go.  It's fairly smooth with a good chop, but it's

                                getting pretty thin. 

                               The swamp on S52B behind Jacob's/Simpleaars is open.  There are many tracks going thru the slush/water.  It

                                wont be long till it's wide open.  S52B by the Eis House is all slush/water.  Both spots are passable only if you

                                don't mind watercrossing.

                                I haven't heard anything from the Palermo/Scriba/NewHaven area that's recent, and what I did hear this past

                                monday is that it's going fast.  I will post as soon as I hear.

                                I know this isn't the best news, but it's all I have.  Looks like if you want to ride this weekend, you may have to



 February  2/27... 10:30PM... I just got back from a run down S52 from NAPA to Kipp Rd.  Although it hasn't been groomed for

                                    a week, it's not that bad.  Very mushy, but lots of snow, a constant slight chop with only one or two spine

                                    crushers.  One was between Ruby's Tree Farm and Route 11, and the other was on the powerlines just before

                                    you duck into the woods at Kipp Rd. and the C. Square Line.

                                   Water isn't really a problem, except along side Co Rte 41 just west of the fenced area. Even in the woods

                                   along Rte 81  at the powerlines, that wet hole really hasn't opened up...yet.

                                   The snow has brought down a few trees, one being across the trail just east of Halsey Road, but you can get

                                    around it on a way in the groomer.  Between Dimon Road and Co Rte 38 there are a few helmet

                                    hitters, but nothing serious. 

                                    When we got back into Mexico, we ran the railbed, S52 to Pulaski. You can see that it has been groomed, but

                                    it still has a good chop with a couple spine crushers towards the Pulaski line. There is also a few wet spots on

                                    the trail, but nothing more than small puddles.

                                    I wish I had had more time to ride tonight as I think we put on 40 miles  tonight, and not once did we meet a


                                    I don't imagine there'll be much done for grooming until we get some cold nights, so do me a favor, smack that

                                    kid, (young or old) you ride with and tell him/her to not dig up the trail so the rest of us can enjoy it as well.


                                    4:30pm... Tucker 2 made it's way around leaving Simpleaars this morning going down S52B to their new turn

                                    around at Chapman Rd..  The swamp behind Jacobs/Simpleaars is open and if you go around the side you'll be

                                    fine,  if you follow the groomed area in the swamp, you may get wet as there is about a foot and a half of

                                    water there on top of the ice.  When getting to Chapman Rd,  please do not enter the closed off section that

                                    heads north.  If you do so you are trespassing and legal action can be brought against you.  

                                    CLOSED MEANS CLOSED!!!!

                                    The field across from the Eis House, Barsuch sheep farm, is almost flooded but is passable with caution. S52,

                                    the railbed, has been groomed to the Pulaski line at Atkinson Road. From Dunlop Road to Atkinson Road is

                                    minimal as far as the snow conditions.  Keep in mind , with the warm weather the grooming isn't what it is when

                                    it's freezing.  When the snow is warm it gets very clumpy and when you attempt to groom this, well it's sort of

                                    like putting frozen butter on bread!!  They did the best they could.

                                    Please pray for cooler temps. With these spring like conditions, it wont take long for all the snow to disappear

                                    all together!


                          2/26... 9:00PM...  Well it's 29 degrees and I just got off the phone with Doug in Scriba. He took Tucker 1 out this

                                    evening and groomed from Scriba on S52B over to Dahl's, then back east to Mack Rd, over to rte 104 and

                                    south to Darrow Road to the turn-around. Along the way they picked up Hazzy's and Sticks.  There is water

                                    in the usual wet spots, but plenty of  snow.  Grooming was tough, tonight, with the warm temps, but it should

                                    set up with the freezing temps. They say tomorrow will be the start of cooler days with some more snow, so

                                    keep your fingers crossed.  We may have some riding yet!





                                    8:00AM... The last few days have been around two to three inches per day, but last night.... I know of at least

                                    a foot to 15 inches, just overnight.  This is wet HEAVY snow.    We obviously have enough, so get out while you

                                    can and enjoy what's left of the season, before it's too late.  With the above freezing temperatures, you

                                    know it's gonna be sloppy and hopefully it will go below freezing so we can get the groomers back out.

                                   We have the snow..., now think COLD!


                         2/23... 12:00PM... We got three or so inches overall last night of wet heavy snow.  I guess we'll take all that we can

                                     get.  Temps have not gone below freezing in the last 24 hrs, so you can imagine what's happening to the

                                     trails. Over by Co Rte 1 on S52B is getting real thin...lots of grass and mud on the hills, so with the closing of

                                     S52B in the Texas/Arthur area, you might as well not travel this section.  Just take the Rail Road Bed to

                                     George Road and run the two miles on the side of the road.

                                     Think snow!!!!  We need it!!


                           2/21... 12:30PM...TRAIL S52B FROM CHAPMAN ROAD NORTH TO CO RTE 16 IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED!!!

                                     DO NOT TRAVEL THRU THIS AREA OR YOU WILL BE TRESPASSING!!!!!!!!!  I WANT TO




                                     CHAPMAN ROAD !!!!!!!!!!!



                          2/20... 10:00PM. Tucker 2 is back running. They finished to Parish, then came back on S52 and headed to Pulaski

                                     north on S52.  You can tell it's been groomed, as most of the spine compressors are gone, but there is still

                                     some chop most of the way.  What can you do with not much for snow!

                                     Tucker 1 was out today and went to Dahl's this a.m. on S52B.  This afternoon/evening they were back at it

                                     on S52B West to Larkin Road, then Down the Texas by-pass railroad bed to George Road and Back.  Then

                                     they headed south on S56 to the turn around at Jeff's Alignment on Darrow Road.  These trails are all

                                     covered with snow, but there's not much over there either.

                                     The Palermo crew was working on the Bell last I knew, hoping to get out tonight. 

                                     We need snow!!!!!           Haven't heard that before, have you?


                          2/20... 8:07AM The past few nights have been good to us with an additional two to three inches per night.  Don't

                                     get me wrong, we could use a foot, but this is better than nothing.  Tucker 2 headed east on S52 yesterday

                                     and made it almost to the Central Square line, under the power lines when it tore a track off it.

                                     So there she sits.  Repairs will be made today and we'll see if we can get the beast up and running again.

                                     I'm told that there's minimum snow in the Texas, Dempster area on S52B. We have not groomed this area

                                     yet. We're gonna see if we can get Tucker 1 out to take care of this, as well as over to Darrow Road on S56.

                                     Palermo was groomed a few days ago all the way to the county trail on S56, and may make it out today again

                                     after repairs are done on it.

                                     Remember, when traveling along side of Co Rte 16 in Texas, PLEASE stay on the shoulder of the road and

                                     keep on the designated trail, not the landowners front lawn.  

                                     I'll let you know more as I get it.


                          2/17... Another two to three inches of wet packy snow has fallen thru the day today, and the Bell made it's way south

                                     on S56 from the corner of Co rte 45 and Red School House to the County Trail in Phoenix.  Snow levels are

                                     on the light side down by the County Trail, but everywhere else there is plenty.

                                     I hear the snow is on the light side over towards the Texas area, so if you're planning on using S52B, you may

                                     want to use the Texas by-pass and go down the railroad bed between Larkin Road and George Road, and then

                                     follow George Road to Chapman Road where you can pick up S52B again.       

                                     Also, when traveling along side of CoRte 16 in Texas, PLEASE stay on the shoulder of the road and keep on

                                     the designated trail.  


                          2/16...I just got word that the Bell has been out and about.  Seems that it went from Co Rte 45 and Red Schoolhouse

                                    Road north on S56 to Jeff's Alignment on Darrow Road,  and back.  I'm told that all the sinkholes have been

                                    filled and there is no water.     .

                                    I'll let you know more as I get it.


                          2/15...Well this is a good start to what we need.  We've gotten 3 inches or so of that sugary type of snow in the

                                    last few hours, plus the inch or so we got overnight.  3 inch is the minimum.  Please don't tear it all up, as

                                    there is not much for a base, but at least it will be frozen.  I'm not sure on Pulaski, at the end of  the rail

                                    road bed....they may still be closed this side of rte 11.

                                    I will post as I get it.


                          2/13... No new news.  3" minimun...that's all we need.  Once we get at least three inches of snow we'll open it up.

                                     I WILL POST IT AS SOON AS IT HAPPENS!!!! According to the forecast it may be soon.


                          2/10... A dusting of snow ain't gonna cut it.  So, since you can't ride here tonight, you might as well come to the

                                     meeting.  Starting time is at 7:30 at Hazzy's in New Haven.  Who knows,,  maybe if we all get together to do

                                     the snow dance.....ah never mind.  We don't need anybody going to jail.

                                     Anyway, hope to see you there.


                          2/05... Well, what can I say.  Things are not good.  I saw a little activity in the Palermo area today.  I'm not sure

                                      what they were riding on, as they don't have much more snow than we do.  As far as the Mexico area,

                                      a couple sleds went thru today but their carbides were in the dirt.

                                      I just got a call on the Scriba/New Haven area.  Not good there either. Grass is showing in the fields,

                                      rocks are showing under the powerlines.  

                                      I guess it's time to stick a fork in it.....again! 

                                      Please obey the laws. 3"minimum!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there isn't three inches of snow in the trail,  YOU ARE


                                      And CAN NOT ride your wheeler down the SNOWMOBILE trail.

                                      I will let you know a.s.a.p. when we can open these up again. Until then, trailer to the hill if you want to ride.

                                      Maybe I'll see you up there.


                          2/03... We got another inch  or two this evening in Mexico. Just enough to tease us.  Are the trails open? Well,

                                      no one has told me yea or nay.  There are spots that have enough, but there are also spots that don't.

                                      I know for a fact that Pulaski's trails WEST OF RTE 11 are closed as of right now. Not enough snow.

                                      But head east, or north-east of our system, and there is plenty of snow.

                                      So I guess for now, it's still better to trailer 15 to 20 miles, where you can ride without tearing up

                                      something, be it your sled, or worse, the fields.


                          2/01... Looks like we got 3-4 inches of a good packing snow over night here in the Mexico area.  Today we are

                                    supposed to get another 3 or so, according to the weatherman.  Not to sure on the surrounding areas, but

                                    maybe tonight we'll have enough for a ride.   I'll keep you posted.





                                     CAN'T GET AROUND IT....MEANING TRAIL CLOSED!!!!!  ALL IT TAKES IS ONE PERSON, AND

                                     I'VE SEEN FIVE SO FAR TODAY!!!    Trailer to where there is snow, I've had to do it my last two rides.

                                     Be patient, it will be here soon, then we can ALL enjoy.


                           1/29... We've had a couple days well below freezing and a little snow.  Not enough to ride as of yet, but maybe soon.

                                      If we can keep the wind from blowing it all away,  maybe this weekend, if the weatherman isn't lying.

                                      Ill let you know.    


                           1/27... Wow!!!!  Everything is gone!!  Hard to believe what can happen in a couple of days.  At least its back below

                                      freezing now and that little bit of snow at least turned things white again.  We're supposed to get some by

                                      the weekend so everyone please do your own version of the snow dance.  Keep in mind, when the snow comes

                                      back, we're going to have our problems with water,.... again!!!


                           1/22... This morning Tucker 2 went out and groomed S52B from Simplearrs  to New Haven, over to Jeff's alignment

                                      on Darrow Rd, trail S56, and back.

                                     Tonight, Tucker 1 went to Nine Mile Point Rd, back to Mack Rd over to Larkin Rd and down the rail bed to

                                     George Rd on S52B.

                                     Last night Tucker 2 went to Kipp Rd in Parish on S52. 

                                     All these trails have been ridden since they were groomed and as of now, the only mud hole that you can't get

                                     around is at the corner of Mack Rd and Levitt rd,  right at the corner.  That doesn't mean there are no water

                                     holes, that just means that you can get around them if your careful.

                                     Tonight, I rode past the turn around at Jeff's Alignment on S56, and once you got just southwest of the

                                     road crossing,  out back in the woods, there was a very large hole, basically a washout. Be careful. Its deeper

                                     than it looks, and if you're cruising right along, you might not see it in time. Then, just north of the Route 51

                                     crossing there is a fairly large mud hole.  People have been crossing it, but I chose to turn around and head

                                     where there was a little more snow.

                                     The snowfall amounts varied a lot this last storm. The winner was over where Tucker 1 rests, and they got

                                      over a foot.  Where Tucker 2 rests , they got around ten inches, but over in Palermo, where the bell rests,

                                      they only got two to three inches there.  Keep that in mind when riding in this area, 'cus you can't groom if

                                      you don't have any snow.                                     

                                      Don't forget about the winter activities going on at Community Park in Mexico tomorrow.  There's going

                                      to be a Dog-Sled race and other events going on throughout the day.


                           1/21... Mexico went out this a.m. and did S52 to the Pulaski line at Atkinson Rd. (Pulaski is open today west of 11)

                                     They also went to the drop off at Community Park.  Things look real good where groomed, so get out and

                                     enjoy before the 40's come this weekend.


                           1/20... Holy Crap!!! Looks like a good 10 inches overnight, at least here anyway. (NEVER TRUST THE

                                     WEATHERMAN)  At 30 degrees, it will be interesting how things will settle. You know there are

                                     waterholes all over, so use caution and don't count on  the groomers being out, we need another good foot

                                     or so for that.  Haven't heard anything on the Pulaski end, but I hear they got more snow than we  did.  

                                     I will let you know more as I get it.

                                     FYI....anyone looking for a dry place to ride right now...last night I unloaded at Little John Rd, rode across

                                     the top of the hill and then back.  Perfect conditions and lots of snow.


                            1/19... STICK A FORK IN IT....AT LEAST FOR NOW......I'm afraid things are on hold for a while, and the

                                      forecast still doesn't look good.  Remember, 3" minimum,  respect the farmers and other landowners. 

                                      Pulaski has closed their trails west of Rte 11 (S52 at the end of our rail bed), so please respect their wishes

                                      as well.  I will let you know a.s.a.p. when things change.


                            1/16... The day after......Looks like we didn't loose all of it.  I just got back from a trip down S52 from NAPA east

                                      to Kipp Road and then back on S52 from Atkinson Road back, and it was pretty good.  Every water hole

                                      was avoidable, and there was still plenty of snow to ride.  It was choppy just about the whole ride, with a

                                      few holes here and there. Very spring-like conditions.

                                     We need snow....bottom line!!!  By looking above at the forecast, maybe we have a chance tomorrow night and

                                      Monday.  Keep your fingers crossed


                           1/15... THIS STINKS!!!!!! RAIN!!! I haven't heard anything on the trails, but I'm sure they're wet.     Tonight

                                     is our annual raffle and dinner at the Eis house.  Doors open at six o'clock and dinner starts at seven.


                            1/12...Well we got another two inches this am....doesn't really help much, we need a foot or so to get us back in

                                     shape. Things are ok out there, but, there isn't much snow for the groomers to groom without turning up

                                     the dirt.

                                     Mexico groomed S52B from Simpleaar's, west over to Larkin Road this a.m.. The trail has set up very hard

                                     and the water holes are minimal, even in the swamp behind Simplearr's.

                                     Scriba groomed S52B from Co Rte 1 to Nine Mile,  Dahl's, and then back to pick up Mack Rd. They also

                                     groomed the old railroad bed that takes you from Larkin Rd east to George Road.  George Rd is mainly bare

                                     with some hard pack along the shoulders to where you pick up the Chapman Road crossing. There was no

                                     major water issues along the way.

                                     I hear Palermo made an attempt to go, but they were plagued with one problem after another with the Bell.

                                     Hopefully, they will get the beast back under way soon.

                                     TOMORROW NIGHT is the meeting at Hazzy's at 7:30pm. Why not ride in and see what's going on, and

                                     remember, the BIG PARTY is FRIDAY NIGHT at the Eis House.

                                     That's it for now....Everyone pray for some snow. 

                                     Be careful and have fun!


                           1/11.... Mexico groomed S52 from Simpleaars, over to Eis House, Napa then north on the rail bed, to the Pulaski line

                                     at Atkinson road mid-day today.

                                      Palermo groomed from Red School House Road at Co Rte 45 north to the turn around at Jeff's Alignment on

                                      Darrow Road.  The wet spots are setting up nicely, as a lot of the water holes are freezing over.


                           1/09... S52 east to Kipp Road is choppy with wet spots.  Between Dimon Road and Co Rte 38, some of the holes are

                                      hard to get around, but the ones you can't get around, aren't that deep and aren't more than three feet wide.

                                      From Rte 38 to Kipp Road, there are a few deeper and wider holes. Just about all are in the woods, and most

                                      you can skirt around if you pay attention.  Once you get to the powerlines, all is frozen and very little chop.

                                      S52 north from Eis House to Atkinson Road is perfect. No water and smooth, other than a few dips. You can

                                      now make it into Pulaski without huge waterholes and excessive brush.

                                      The Mexico By-Pass is smooth except for the low spot by the new bridge.  All is frozen there, just use


                                      S52B west from Napa to Texas has a little chop, and is drying up.  The big wet hole behind Simpelaar's is

                                      almost completely frozen over, with only a four foot patch that's still questionable.  Very easy to cross,

                                      it's in the straight-away, just keep your speed up.  Between Chapman Rd and Co rte 16 there is still that

                                      stubborn spot that never likes to freeze up. Its not bad, but on one end of the bridge its still wet. Its about

                                      two to three feet across, but you should be able to get around it.  From Texas Headed to New Haven, it's

                                      getting rough, but it's mainly because the ice it setting up, no big moguls that I saw...yet.  There is still a

                                      fairly large hole at either Hickory Grove Drive, or Dempster Beach Drive.  You'll see's at the road

                                      crossing. It's about a foot deep, but you CAN get around it.     Remember the trail has changed a bit around

                                      Larkin Rd and Co Rte 1.

                                      S56, from Mack Road to careful in the woods for wet spots, and one field, just north of D&W gas

                                      mart....when you're heading south and go into a group of trees, there is a wet spot that looks like you can get

                                      around it, but be careful, as there is a large rock, light in color, that could be overlooked...   I will try to get

                                      that marked better, as this was the first time I had seen it.      From 104 south to Palermo all is pretty good,

                                      it's choppy, but nothing that bad.  Between Jeffs Alignment on Darrow Rd and Co.Rte.51,  just before 51

                                     there is a large MUD hole that's not able to get around, and stay on the trail.  I don't think its real deep, 

                                     but I do know its muddy.

                                     That's as far as I've gotten ..myself...but I haven't heard of anything bad farther south to Phoenix.   None

                                     of groomers have reported in, just as well, keep them off the fragile ice as long as we can...With more snow

                                     I know they'll be there.                                    

                                    Update....9:00 am.....The Palermo group took the Bell out last night and ran from RedschoolHouse Rd and Co

                                     Rte 45 to Jeff's Alignment on Darrow Rd., and back.  I'm told all went well and things look great!


                           1/07... JUST IN.....1:30pm.... The Bell has groomed from Red Schoolhouse Road to the County Trail in Phoenix.

                                      There are wet areas around the junction of S56 and C4 on S56, so be careful around here.

                                      S52B from Mexico to Texas and New Haven is done. Watch out for the water hole around Dempster beach

                                       drive as it is pretty deep.

                                      Last night Tucker 2 went out S52 east to Kipp Road in Parish.  Between Dimon Road and Route 38 there

                                      were some wet spots, and between route 38 and the power lines, there were some more.  Once you  get to

                                      the power lines all was good.

                                      This means ALL our trails have been done in the last 24 hrs.  And there hasn't been much for traffic.

                                      There is a lot of powder in the area so stay on the trail.  There could be hidden stumps, rocks, water, etc..

                                      GO RIDE!!!!!!!


                            1/06... A new day and another four inches of snow. Mexico took Tucker 2 out this A.M. and groomed from

                                      Simpelaars Fruit Farm, around the Mexico By-Pass down the Rail Road bed, S52 north to the Pulaski

                                      system at Atkinson Road. On the way back they picked up the leg over to the  Mexico town park,

                                      Park-N-Ride. Watch out for some water around the Rogers farm.  It's not real deep and should freeze

                                      up rather quickly.

                                      The Palermo crew took the Bell out from Red Schoolhouse Road at Co Rte 45,  north to the turnaround on

                                      Darrow Road on S56.

                                      Well, that's all I got for now.  Short and sweet!   I'll let you know more as I get it.


                            1/05... And the first groomer out..........NEW HAVEN!!!!!  Looks like Tucker 1 and the New Haven crew beat

                                       everyone out this year.   They headed west, down S52B  to the power lines, then back east to the Mack

                                       Road, and then south, on S56 to the turn around on Darrow Road.   Along the way they picked  up the trails

                                       to Hazzy's and Sticks.  Trails on that section are good, the snow is setting up great, but there are

                                       some small water holes along the way.  Just be careful and enjoy the ride.

                                      Tomorrow, Early A.M., Tucker 2 is heading out the Railbed, S52, north to the Pulaski trail at Atkinson

                                       Road.  Tomorrow night, Tucker 2 will pick up S52 east to Kipp Road in Parish.  I will  post as soon as I

                                       am informed.

                                     There has been no word on the Bell and the Palermo crew as of yet.  But the Bell is a little difficult to handle

                                      in this deep loose power we've gotten the past few days.  It shouldn't be much longer.

                                      There has been alot of traffic the last couple days on the village streets in Mexico.  As far as I know,

                                      we do not have permission to cruise these.  If you are caught riding village streets you could end up with

                                      your sled impounded, and a hefty fine.  Please don't ruin it for the rest of us.     

                                      Go ride and have fun!


                           1/04... Wow!!!  Talk about piling it up. It looks like we've gotten three feet this past weekend including this A.M...

                                      Traffic has been extremely low around the Mexico area.  I've only seen a few sleds go by the NAPA store,

                                      and maybe a few more on the rail bed to Pulaski.  Groomers have NOT been out as of yet, but I hear its in

                                      the works.   As of now, all trails are open with plenty of snow.  We need some riders to go out and play in

                                      the powder  and pack the trail so the groomers  wont push the snow out of the trail.  I'll try to do my part

                                      tomorrow night....  I will let you know when I get in. 


                            1/02...HAPPY 2010 EVERYONE!!!  Looks like we're off to a good start. Its been cold and snowing for the last 24

                                      hours.  We've picked up a foot of the light fluffy stuff. No groomers have been out, as we still have no base

                                      in the Mexico, Texas Area.  Over towards Maple view there's about a four inch base under this new fluff

                                      and around the same in the Palermo area.  It will be a while yet till the groomers go out as we  need the snow

                                      to set up  and the mud holes to freeze. 

                                      All gates are open, just watch out for the known wet holes,  rocks and stumps.

                                      I will let you know more as I get it.


  December  12/27... If we had enough snow all trails would be open. All trails are marked and ready to go.. A BIG thanks to all

                                         that came out to help.  Maybe Monday with the cooler weather, we'll get the much needed snow.

                                         Stay tuned, and I'll let you know


                                                 2008-2009 POSTS

 March     3/7     Well, I hope this isn't really the end.  It went too fast, way too early.   I haven't heard anything the past

                                          week or so, but I think we all know what's going on.  As of right now I'd say all trails are pretty much

                                          closed. Please don't try to get around from snow patch to snow patch.  We don't want to disrespect our

                                          many landowners.  Without them, we couldn't be.

                                         The next few days are still supposed to be warm. Maybe towards mid-week we might have a

                                         shot of snow again, but I don't think there will be any way anything will freeze up.

                                        A BIG THANKS to the landowners and the many volunteers that have made this season so great.


                                         If something crazy should happen, I'll be back to report in.

                                         Thanks Again!


   February  2/27   Yesterday, Thursday, Palermo was up and running.  They groomed their whole area, from C4 in Phoenix, to

                                        Jeff's alignment on Darrow Road.  Mexico has been out and groomed the railbed, S52 north, to Pulaski.

                                        Things get pretty thin in spots where the wind has blown the snow away and towards the Pulaski line.

                                        I rode S52 east to Parish on Wednesday night and it was great. Snow got a little thin west of Halsey road

                                        in the woods, but other than that, just a slight chop and nothing more.

                                        Today may be a little hard on things because of the high temperatures, but this won't last long.  It's

                                        supposed to get cold again tonight and stay that way for a while.  When you get back out, remember three

                                        inch minimum...protect the farmers fields and watch out for the wet spots.



                               2/24  Monday, Mexico went out and groomed the railbed, S52, to the Pulaski line and then over to Community

                                         Park, the park and ride.  There was alot of drifting snow along the railbed and alot behind Weber's

                                         farm, but when it was done it was smooth!!  I saw the Mexico groomer headed back out today, but I'm

                                         not sure where they went.

                                         I hear Palermo is broke down?  Today,  over from C4 in Phoenix to Red Schoolhouse Road to Darrow Road

                                         things aren't so good. 1 to 2 foot moguls are very common in this area.  Hopefully it will be taken care of

                                         before the thaw on Thursday.  When you get from Texas to Mexico, things are pretty good on S52B,


                                         I know the Scriba area is praying for some snow and can't do anything there till they get some.



                          2/21   What a day. The sun's out, barely any wind. Trails groomed.  We ended up with around a foot in a half to two

                                         feet for the most part of beautiful new snow. 

                                         New Haven went out last night and groomed from home base on  Co Rte 1  east to Larkin Road, south

                                         towards Rte 104, then over to DWI in  Palermo. 

                                         I know Mexico went out, I saw the groomed trail towards Eis House and Napa, but as of the time of this

                                         post, not sure where they went.

                                         Yesterday, I got to ride from Mexico to Gristmill, S52, which doesn't sound like much, but, under the

                                         conditions it made for an awesome afternoon. The base was very smooth with the exceptions of where the

                                         snow had drifted in.  

                               6:00 PM  Mexico groomed S52 west to Square valley @ Kipp Road.  Watch for a few spots under the power

                                         lines where the groomer went thru some low spots.  If rolling right along at night you may not see them in

                                         time to avoid them.  Don't get scared.. Nothing more than a two foot mogul.  Other than that....perfect!


                                        TODAY, Saturday, Feb 21, 2009, from 3PM to 6PM,  the "2009 SHOOTER LOTTERY TICKETS" will be

                                          available at The Driveway Inn in Palermo. Those wanting to pick some up to distribute can pick them up

                                          then and enjoy some pizza, wings, and refreshments.  The lottery will run the entire month of April 2009,

                                          and there is quite an assortment of firearms that will be able to be won.

                                          When I get more info on the lottery, I will put it on the front page of this website.



                          2/20  SNOW!!!! Just what we needed.  Looks like as of now we've gotten 12 inches or more overnight in the Mexico

                                          area and it's still coming down. 


                          2/18   No new news. With no new snow, we're sort of left here waiting.  I rode Tuesday down S52 the railroad

                                          bed, to be turned around at the Pulaski Line. Seems they closed their trail due to lack of snow in this

                                          area.  Please respect their wishes.   I turned around and headed for Kipp Rd, S52, to Parish. It was o.k..

                                          There was adequate snow (ice) coverage just about the whole way except for a few spots.

                                          I made an attempt towards Texas, had fun on the ice and then turned back.  I hear it's only worse

                                          towards Scriba.

                                          WE NEED SNOW!!!!


                            2/13  Things are freezing back up pretty good. I saw some traffic through the day but it was very light.

                                         Palermo called in and said they groomed today from Red Schoolhouse Road south to as far as Prior Road.

                                         There they had to stop because they came upon a bridge that was far enough below water that they didn't

                                         want to cross it. They turned around and headed back north to Jeff's alignment on Darrow Road.

                                         They said the snow was pretty workable so the trail turned out pretty good.

                                         On the Mexico end I know there's still plenty of snow towards Parish and Pulaski on S52, but there's lots

                                         of water in places.  Some of this water looks deep, so please use caution when you come up on these

                                         areas.  We did get some snow last night to help cut down on the slippery conditions, but I hear

                                         the groomer will not run till things harden up a bit more.


                            2/11  ALL IS NOT LOST!!!!   I just got home from a drive in the truck.  I went to Kipp Road, and checked most of

                                         the crossings on the way back to the Napa store in Mexico.  GO RIDE!!!! There is plenty of snow that I

                                         could see from the crossings.  I'm sure there is water in the wet areas back in the woods, but there is still

                                         tons of snow.  At the store, there is at least ten inches of snow.  In Mapleview, at the Rte 11 crossing,

                                         there is at least a foot of snow in the trail. At Kipp Road in Parish there is also at least a foot IN THE

                                         TRAIL. And it still looks smooth!

                                         The rail bed from Mexico to Pulaski has snow, but is thin in areas.  

                                         On Tuesday I rode over on C4 and headed for Palermo and noticed  lots of water and not much for snow,

                                         but it was still passable at that time.

                                         Today I'm told it's not so good over towards Texas, but may still be passable.

                                         If you want to ride, unload at either the Eis house or Communtiy Park in Mexico and head out on S52,

                                         North towards Pulaski or Southeast towards Parish. You will experience spring-like conditions, but you

                                         can still ride.


                           2/6   We got some new snow last night, with the southern spots only getting an inch or so and farther towards

                                         Pulaski and Parish maybe four inches of the light fluff.  None the less, for the most part, it was enough.

                                         I got to see Mexico grooming out on S52 to Kipp Road, at the Square Valley line this afternoon. Nice job.

                                         Hardly a bump after they went thru.  I then rode down S52 north towards Pulaski on the railbed. Just a

                                         little chop, but no moguls. 

                                         Tonight I got a call stating that Palermo was out and they groomed their whole area from

                                         C4 in Phoenix to Darrow Road at Jeff's.     If you go out tonight or early tomorrow, please be careful

                                         over here, as there is still a lot of ice in the corners.

                                        The weather may be changing it's pattern for a while, so get out and have some fun while the conditions are



                                2/5   I did the loop last night. What a ride!  Please watch the corners in the Texas, Palermo and Phoenix areas,

                                         especially in the woods, as  they are very icy.

                                         Every once in a while you'd find a  spine compressor, normally at the bottom of a hill, so watch

                                         out for these.

                                         Overall the trails are in very good condition though. A little powder would be nice for the sled.


            2/3   With today's temps only getting in the 20s, the trails have set rock hard.  As far as the grooming...last night

                                        Mexico went from Simpelaar's into town, by the Eis House, Napa, and out S52 south to the Square Valley

                                        line.     Today, they left Simpelaar's, went around the Mexico bypass to S52 north down the railroad bed

                                        to the Pulaski-Boylston line at Atkinson Road. On their way back, they picked up the trail to the drop and

                                        ride at Community Park. 

                                        The groomers have been out all season before the trails turn to junk, and I think that's doing the trick.

                                        I've never experienced trails this smooth... this often before..... anywhere, so remember to give the

                                        groomer operators a thumbs-up for a job well done!


                           2/2   The past two days have been above freezing during the day, and below during the night.  The groomers

                                        have all been out ironing the trails. Now that it's gonna be cold for a while, things should stay smooth.

                                        Today, New Haven went down the railbed, S52B west, to nine mile and headed south to Dahl's. Palermo

                                        and Mexico crews were out yesterday and last night. I know a lot of work was done grooming the trail

                                        from C4 in Phoenix to Mexico.  With all the snowfall Friday night and Saturday, the Mexico groomer

                                        went over that way to help things out. Between the two machines I hear it's as smooth as glass.

                                               So right now, once again, you couldn't ask for a better ride


January      1/31   We got some more snow overnight, with some areas getting as little as four inches and others getting as

                                               much as two feet. But the sun managed to come out and help it settle.

                                               The Mexico groomer went out at 8:00 am and  groomed from Simpelaars into town and out the railbed

                                               S52, to Atkinson Road.

                                               The New Haven Crew went out and groomed and trimmed from the railroad bed on Co Rte 1, S52B,

                                               over to Hazzy's,  then from there to Jeff's on Darrow Road and back.

                                               I know something's happening at Palermo, 'cus I saw the groomer at Driveway tonight.  I'll update

                                               when I hear from them. 

                                               I got another chance to ride just about all our system last night, even through the storm. Hats off to

                                               the groomer operators again.  Our trails were the best of the night.

                                               I did notice that a few more STOP signs were missing.

                                               There was one gone at Darrow Road, coming in from St Rte 104, and three missing out by the

                                               county trail intersection on Red Schoolhouse Road.  Please look out for these crossings, for they

                                               can sneak right up on you.  I did report them so they should be back up soon.   


                            1/30      More snow! We picked up another four to six inches or so Wednesday night.

                                          New Haven groomed yesterday from Dahls Diner, through the powerlines to Nine Mile, headed east to

                                               Mack Road where they headed south to Jeff's Alignment on Darrow Road. On the way back they

                                               picked up the trail to Hazzy's.    Mexico groomed from Simpelaar fruit farms, around the Mexico

                                               bypass, to S52 at Co rte 41 and headed to the end of the railbed  at Atkinson Road, Pulaski line.

                                               All three groomers will be out today.  I will post as I get info.


                                              Remember, the snowmobile drag racing event is TOMORROW  Saturday January 31 at 12:00 noon.

                                              It will be on Fairhaven Bay at Little Sodus Inn .  It's time to bring out those hot rod sleds

                                              and show what you've got.  Spectators are welcomed as well.  For more info call Little Sodus at



                            1/28       We've received over a foot of snow in the last 24 hrs, and more where the wind hasn't blown it away.

                                               Traffic around Mexico, has been extremely low the last couple of days.  Palermo groomed today, and

                                               headed towards New Haven, Darrow Road, but that's as far as they got due to a break down.

                                               Hopefully  they'll be back at it tomorrow. 

                                               I'm sure after today, there will be some tough spots where the snow  has drifted in the trail.

                                               Groomers  should be out tomorrow and take care of this, along with any downed trees that may have



                            1/26      We received  eight to ten inches of that fluffy white stuff overnight. It really didn't add up to much,

                                               but put that on top of the minimum foot and a half plus we have in the trails, and whoopie!! 

                                               I traveled S52 last night over to the Square Valley line, Parish, and once again, awesome!!!  Hard to

                                               believe you could have it this good on a Sunday night.

                                               I saw the Mexico groomer out this afternoon on S52, and New Haven called in tonight and said that

                                               they had gone from their starting spot on Co Rte 1  to Mack Road, then over to Larkin Road and

                                               farther south to Darrow Road.  On their way back, they picked up Stick's and Hazzy's.

                                               Palermo is down with the flu.  They should be back up  hopefully tomorrow.

                                               The forecast is saying snow over the next twenty four hours.

                                               Keep your fingers crossed.                        


                           1/25      12:00AM.  I just got in from a ride around the loop.  It was a little chilly, but what a perfect ride.

                                              I left Napa and headed for Texas, New Haven, Palermo, and then to Phoenix, C4.  Trails were in really

                                              great shape. There was one water hole around Gilbert mills rd, so use caution there please. There was

                                              also some STOP signs missing in the area, and one at Darrow Road.

                                              I got back into our trail system on S52 at Atkinson Road and took the rail bed  back to Mexico.  What

                                              a ride!!  You couldn't  ask for a better trail in the middle of the week, let alone be the middle of the


                                              While talking to some riders at the Grist Mill in Parish, riders were saying how great S52 from Co Rte

                                              41 to the Square Valley line was. 

                                              Helmets off to the groomer crews.  Thanks for the ride.



                           1/24      Yesterday, Mexico went out from the Simpleaar Fruit Farm by way of the Mexico bypass to Parish,

                                              Kipp Rd, on S52.  Palermo went from Red Schoolhouse to Darrow Rd.

                                              The trails should have set up nicely with the temps just above freezing. I'll let you know when I hear


                                         UPDATE!!! At 1:30PM today, Mexico went out from Simpelaar Fruit Farm to Mack Road, New Haven on



                           1/22      This morning, the Mexico groomer headed out past the Eis House, Napa, and down S52, the railroad bed, to

                                              the Pulaski line at Atkinson Road.  Palermo went out this afternoon and groomed from Red Schoolhouse

                                              Road to Darrow Road at Jeff's Alignment.

                                              Apparently,  there is going to be a poker run this Saturday.  I'm told that all groomers will be out on

                                              Friday and Friday night, then again on Saturday and Saturday night to clean up the mess. So Sunday

                                              should be perfect as well.


                            1/21     Snowmobile traffic was heavier in our area today. The New Haven crew reported that they noticed a lot of

                                             traffic in their area as they groomed from Mack Road down the railroad bed on S52B by Nine Mile to

                                             the powerlines then to Dahl's Diner and back. 

                                             The Palermo crew went out around noon today and groomed from Red Schoolhouse Rd to the county trail


                                             All groomers are scheduled to be out tomorrow during the day. Please remember, after you meet the

                                             groomer on the trail, be easy with that throttle lever. Give the trail a  little time to set up so that all

                                             can enjoy a smooth trail.


                           1/20     Palermo has gone out and groomed from Red Schoolhouse Road over to Darrow Road this afternoon. We've

                                           got lots of snow and barely any traffic over in the Mexico Area.   You can't ask for any better

                                           conditions.   Get out and enjoy.   I know ALL three groomers that belong to the Mexico Trail Riders

                                           have been out in the last 24 hrs., so it should make for a great day just doing the loop.


                           1/19     After another 3-4 inches of snow overnight things  couldn't be better. The Mexico crew went out and

                                          groomed S52B thru Texas and over to Sticks in New Haven.  Tonight, they are presently going down the

                                          railbed S52 to Pulaski, and over to Community Park, PARK AND RIDE.

                                          The New Haven crew went out and groomed from Scriba, (Co Rte 1) down the power lines, and over to

                                          Darrow Road (Jeff's Alignment).


                          1/18     Looks like the whole area received another four inches of snow last night.  Add that to the three feet or so

                                         some of us got on Friday and we're looking really good right now. The Palermo end was groomed yesterday

                                         from Red Schoolhouse Road to the county trail in Phoenix, and this am (right now) from Red School house

                                         Road to Darrow Road.  From there, the New Haven Crew groomed last night to Darrow Road on trail

                                         S52B, to Dahl's, Stick's, and Hazzy's, over to Mack Road and back the Rail Bed to George Road and then

                                         back to Scriba.  On the Mexico end, it is easily passable now that the snow has settled and sleds have

                                         packed it down.  If you want to experience some  great powder, get out and get some before the groomer

                                         goes out in this area. I'm sure the groomer will be out in this area shortly today.

                                         We've gotten lots of new snow the last two days.  With today going up to the twenty degree mark, the

                                         groomers out, or just finished, this is the day to go out and ride our 50+ miles of trail if you haven't yet.


                                         UPDATE!!!    The Mexico trail S52 to was groomed today to The Square Valley Trailblazer's line at Kipp

                                         Road.  Along the way they hit the local loop that goes from Simpelaar's Fruit Stand over to Co rte 41,

                                         back west towards town, past the NAPA and to the Eis House.

                                         Tomorrow AM they will head over to the Mexico Town Park (Community Park) (PARK AND RIDE) and

                                         then head for Scriba on S52B. 

                                         Things should be looking real good. 


                           1/16    Mexico groomed the railbed yesterday from Co Rte 41 to Atkinson Road.. (Pulaski line).  Tucker 2 had to be

                                         repaired, putting it out of commission for a day.  Grooming should be back up on the Mexico end later

                                         today.    REMEMBER......TONIGHT IS THE ANNUAL PARTY AND RAFFLE AT ARENA'S EIS HOUSE.

                                         I hope to see you there.


                           1/12   Looks like New Haven has been at  it again.. They groomed their whole area...trial S52 to Dahl's, the trail to

                                         Darrow Road at Jeff's Alignment, to Larkin Road, and picked up Hazzy's, Sticks and then back to Sciba.

                                         The Mexico groomer was out this afternoon.  I hear the railroad bed was going to be done, but that was

                                         the last I heard.  Palermo is out tonight.  I will report what was done when I get the info.

                                         I got to go out and enjoy some of our trails today.  It was quite choppy on S52 from Co Rte 41 to Kipp

                                         Road, Parish.  I think there was only two or three water holes the whole way, and they weren't much.

                                         Plenty of snow though. I also traveled the Mexico bypass, past Simpleaars Fruit Farm, over to Texas, Gill

                                         Rd.  All was frozen and actually pretty good for the amount of snow that way.  The railroad bed S52 was

                                         in good shape, but they could use a little more snow towards Pulaski as well.


                           1/09   GOOD NEWS!!!!!!  THE GROOMERS ARE OUT!!!!   Rumor has it, the Palermo trail that goes from the

                                         county trail in Phoenix to Darrow Road has been groomed this afternoon. The New Haven crew has

                                         groomed from Mack Road  to Darrow Road with the trail to Dahl's Diner being groomed in the AM.

                                         The Mexico group has been over to Mack Road, from there S52B to the end of the RailRoad bed on S52

                                         to the Pulaski Club Line. On their way, they picked up the trail to the Park and Ride at Community Park. 

                                         The trail to Kipp Road (S52)  will be groomed in the AM with trail work being done at that time.  Please

                                         watch out for the workers that will be out.

                                         With that said, the riding should be awesome all through our system.

                                         Please be aware of wet spots, rocks and stumps, as this is the first complete groom of the season.


December    12/30  By now, I'm sure you've noticed  that most of the snow is gone, and what's left is as hard as a rock. The

                                        forecast shows freezing temps thru the next five days with some snow tonight, possibly, lake effect

                                        afterwards.  I think this is the time for everyone to go do their snow dance and see what happens. 

                                        When we do get enough to ride,  once again, please use caution.  The waterholes are wet again and we've had

                                        some strong winds the past few days and it's hard telling how many  more trees came down.   



                          12/25  The water hole north of Jellystone on Co Rte 16 has been taken care of. A new bridge was put in on 12/24.

                                       On 12/26, a group of volunteers will be heading out to trim and sign S52 from Co Rte 41 to Kipp

                                       Road.  Please, when you travel this area, use caution.

                                       I've had people ask why the groomers haven't been out much. Remember, lots of our trails go thru

                                       wet areas that haven't frozen yet.  With the warm temps and without a ton of snow to pack down, the

                                       groomers will sink to the bottom and leave a mess, Who wants to drive a sled thru that? 



                          12/23  All Trails are OPEN!.  At 10:00AM thru most of the day, there will be a crew working on a new bridge on

                                       the  Mexico Bypass (between Co. Rte. 41 and Minkler Road ). At that time, the bypass will be

                                       CLOSED!   Instead, please use trail S52B, which goes by Eis House and Napa  and uses the old railbed to

                                       Co Rte 41 at junction OS702.

                                       PLEASE watch out for the water holes.  Some are still very DEEP!  The groomers will be out shortly, as the

                                        snowpack and ice is firming up nicely.

                                       As of 4:00 pm, the Mexico By Pass Has been re-opened.  A nice new bridge sits atop the waterhole. 

                                       There is still a bad wet spot just off Co Rte 16 North of Jellystone Campsite in Texas.  Please cross this

                                       area with extreme care. 


                          12/18  The Trail S52 from Co Rte 41 to Kipp Road (Mexico to Parish)  is CLOSED until further notice.  There is

                                          Fencing across the trail  and ALL gates are still closed, so PLEASE don't bother trying it until further

                                          notice. On trail S52B, between Clark Road and State Route 3, there is a huge waterhole that is very

                                          deep. It would be best not to attempt this section either.   With the recent thaw, we lost almost all our

                                          base and filled our trails with water. 




Remember the Village of Mexico Ordinance

The local law allows the use of Watson avenue and that portion of Hamilton street from Watson avenue to the north line of premises of Richard Riley on the west side of Hamilton street, by snowmobiles and snowmobilers between the hours of 8 am to 9 pm on Sunday through Thursday and during the hours of 8 am through 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays of each week during the months of December, January, February and March of each year.

If you have any trail conditions questions please contact

They will be answered on as time permits basis.

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