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parking1.gif (1614 bytes) Park & Ride - Please be considerate and park in an organized manner. Do not block business activities.


If you use Park & Ride remember to support the business that provide you with these free services.

Keeping an area plowed is not free.

Be Considerate support those that support YOU!

Arena's Eis House Restaurant & Sailfish Saloon - On the Trail in Mexico at the Corner of Watson Avenue & Academy Street  Mexico, NY  13114, Phone - 315-963-3830.  Please Park in the North West Corner of Lot. Do not park snowmobiles in the handicap areas. Arena's Eis House Restaurant serving dinners Tuesday thru Thursday 5 pm - 10pm, Friday & Saturday 5pm-10:30pm and the New Sailfish Saloon & Sports Bar. Enjoy dinner in our Glass gallery overlooking our award winning gardens, in our mirror room or outside in our gardens. If you want a casual meal relax in our Saloon.

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C And C Metal Fabrication - Since 1993, C&C Metal Fabrications has been providing Upstate NY with comprehensive design, engineering, manufacturing and installation services. No matter how big your project is, we have the tools and the know-how to handle it. Contact Doug or Jim at 315.598.7607 or email for all your fabrication needs. 159 Hubbard Street, Fulton, New York. 

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Jeff & Mary’s Driveway Inn – St Rt. 3 Palermo, NY - Jeff & Mary’s Driveway Inn – St Rt. 3 Palermo, NY - 315-593-2575.  Located on the trail in Palermo.  We welcome snowmobilers so be sure to stop in and see us. Open 7 days a week.  Enjoy our winter specials!

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Dynamic Designs - Dynamic Designs is a graphic design company that offers its clients a unique blend of services. If you’re looking for the place to handle all your business image and promotional needs, then Dynamic Designs is the place to go. Boasting fifteen years of experience and expertise in graphic design, the company offers a unique blend of services – they can design and print your logo, advertisements, brochures, business cards, forms & stationery; create your signage and trade show displays; letter your vehicle and shop windows as well as imprint your shirts, hats and pens... all at their one-stop shop. Whatever your business need - Dynamic Designs has the solution. You’ll be amazed at the wide variety of services. But, don’t let the multitude of products and services intimidate you. Our friendly associates will personally guide you through every step of the way to find solutions that suit your business’s needs and budget. How to contact us - Phone: (315) 963-7407, Fax: (315) 963-0990, Mailing Address - PO Box 1199 Mexico, New York 13114, Location Address - 3270 Main Street Mexico, New York 13114

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Maple View Family Restaurant - Open 24 Hours, Convenience Store, ATM, Lotto, Restaurant, Gas, Oil. Located at the intersection of New York State Route 104 and Interstate 81. Right next to Trail S51.

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Grangers Christmas Tree Farm  - On the Trail in Mexico. For your holiday decorating needs.

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Hazzy's Tavern  - Route 104 New Haven, New York. Open 7 Days a Week, Drink Specials, Full Kitchen, Entertainment on Saturday Nights, Sunday - Monday Sports Specials.

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Ingles Performance - Your Complete Bombardier and Polaris Dealer - 413 Besaw Road, Phoenix, NY.

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J&K NAPA Auto Parts  - For all of your Auto Parts Needs, Contact John at 315-963-7201 - 5827 Scenic Avenue, (Right On the Trail) Mexico, NY 13114.   Hours are: M-F 8:00am-5:30pm ; Sat 8:00am-3:00pm ; Sun 9:00am-12:00pm. They've got IN STOCK: Amsoil, Klotz, Castrol, NGK, Batteries, Gates Sled belts

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Ostrander's Village Market - Corner of Route 11 and 104 - Maple View,  New York. 315-963-8253, Fax 315-963-8219, Toll Free 877-237-6361

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The Sled Shop - Welcome to the Sled Shop, Your full service snowmobile repair shop. The Sled Shop is also offering 10% off for our members - The Sled Shop, 9071 SR 48 Baldwinsville, 315-635-9930, 10% Off - Show Card

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Salmon Country Marina & Campground  - Welcome to Salmon Country Marina & Campground, located in the heart of Texas, N.Y. It's all here at Salmon Country - boating, camping, fishing or just relaxing! Although Texas is a well-kept secret, it offers three seasons of excellent fishing. You'll catch Brown Trout, King & Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Bass & Pike right in your own back yard. Salmon Country Marina, nestled on the banks of the scenic Little Salmon River, is family-owned and operated since 1975. We're the starting point for great fishing, camping and family vacationing. The famous Salmon River Fish Hatchery is a short drive away. Beautiful beaches, Selkirk Shores State Park and great boating & fishing adventures await you on Lake Ontario, just a stone's throw up the river. You're in Salmon Country now... stop for a moment and breathe in the sweet aroma of good, clean country air. You're miles from the congestion and chaos of the city. So sit back, relax and enjoy your stay! Salmon Country Marina & Campgrounds 47 Mexico Point Drive Mexico, New York 13114 (315) 963-8049 Send Email to Salmon Country

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Stewarts Shops  - Main Street Mexico New York. A community centered convenience store with food, ATM, Gas and Much Much more...

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Sticks Sports Bar/Grill And Motel of New Haven - Conveniently located "On The Trail" at the corners of NY State Route 104B and Oswego County Route 6 in New Haven, New York 15 Trail Miles from Pulaski 20 Trail Miles from Happy Valley 25 Trail Miles from Kasoag Lake 30 Trail Miles from Redfield - Mexico Trail Riders Web Sponsor and Designated Park and Ride. Snowmobile specials. How to contact Us - PO Box 279, Bar 315-963-3084 Motel 315-963-1910 Toll Free: 1-877-302-8537 e-mail: Owners: Bobbie & Michael J. Lavenia, Jr.

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