Mexico Trail Riders, Inc. - Snowmobile Club
P.O. Box 564, Mexico, NY  13114-0564
To e-mail the club, follow this link:  E-mail

Landowner Membership Form - Information Page - Only use this if you are a landowner!!!

Use of our online forms will NOT get you a voucher online - we will send the vouchers with the membership packet via US mail, our turn around time is 2 days or less plus mail time!  If you provide your e-mail address, we will e-mail your voucher.

If you want to be able to get a voucher faster please go to the NYSSA web site at the following link -> NYSSA

Once you join there we will receive within about a week notice of your joining and we will then send you the rest of the membership packet. 

Membership Is Free For Our Landowners And Certain Individuals That Sponsor Our Club ONLY.   This information is required only to issue sticker and mail newsletters. The Mexico Trail Riders membership includes a basic NYSSA membership. You may also select to upgrade the NYSSA membership to the Trail Defender level, by selecting this you are doing this in lieu of the basic NYSSA membership, the additional cost is $20 and is wholly the burden of the applicant. MTR memberships includes: state registration voucher, decal and a min of 4 issues of Trail Notes, the MTR newsletter. 


For the DMV voucher we need EXACT names and address as it appears on ALL registrations. We have provided spaces for eight names, Member, Spouse (Married or Not) and six children, if there are any additional names required please include them in the note area. Addresses must all be the same, this is what defines a family in the eyes of the voucher. We have provided a separate mailing and voucher address if needed, if not leave voucher address blank. We only need last names if different from member. We no longer ask if you need the name on the voucher as we can print them now and just print them all. 


Mexico Trail Riders, Inc. Gratuitous Membership Application 2017 – 2018

NYS Charities Registration 20-50-85

Check ONE:  New Renewal  

Name information: (Only enter last names if different from member - Suffix is like Jr., Sr., II or III)

Example: John Q. Public Jr.
Member First Name: Last Name: Suffix:
Spouse First Name: Last Name: Suffix:
Child 1 First Name: Last Name: Suffix:
Child 2 First Name: Last Name: Suffix:
Child 3 First Name: Last Name: Suffix:
Child 4 First Name: Last Name: Suffix:
Child 5 First Name: Last Name: Suffix:
Child 6 First Name: Last Name: Suffix:

Additional Notes:

Mailing address information:  (Mandatory)



State:       2 Letter Abbreviation IE - NY, PA, CT Or Canada ON, PQ, ETC.


Voucher address information:  (Only if deifferent from mailing address)



State:       2 Letter Abbreviation IE - NY, PA, CT Or Canada ON, PQ, ETC.


Contact information:  (Optional, but at least a phone number is desired)



Sled information:  (Required for number of stickers to issue)

Number of registered sleds:  

NYSSA information:

Check to be exempt from NYS Smowmobile PAC:  
Twenty-five cents (.25) of your $5.00 NYSSA dues will be used for the NYS Snowmobile PAC (Political Action Committee) who is our voice in Albany. If you do not wish to contribute to the NYS Snowmobile PAC, please check the radio button above. Please note, your NYSSA dues remain $5.00.

Exempt (Already joined through another club, only applicable to regular memberships):  

Once the information section is completed submit the form and you will be directed to the payment section
where you can pay with Pay Pal, If you select no options you will be routed to the home page as there is no cost to you.
The submit button will forward all of your information to us for processing. When we receive this information and
confirmation of payment (if required) we will process your membership.