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"Our thoughts and prayers are with the Men and Women of our armed forces who go forth so bravely to defend our freedom, may God Bless Each and Every One of You"


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Latest Information

Chicken BBQ

6/16/18 - 11 AM

5753 Scenic Ave, Mexico, NY

Come out and support the Mexico trail riders and get a chicken dinner!! They are $10.00 a dinner. Comes with 1/2 chicken, salt potatoes, and baked beans! 130 chickens so get them while they last!! We will also have a 50/50 as well as some club merchandise for sale! See everyone there!

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Membership Applications

Follow The Link To Our Application Section To Become A Member Of The Club, Which Includes A Basic Membership To The New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA). On This Page We Have All Of Our Membership Forms Including Landowner, And Optional NYSSA Premium Membership Upgrade.

Link to our forms -> Application Forms

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Use of our online forms will NOT get you a voucher online - If you provide your e-mail address, we will e-mail your voucher, otherwise, we will send the vouchers with the membership packet via US mail, our turn around time is 2 days or less plus mail time!  If you have trouble receiving or printing your voucher by e-mail, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting our membership secretary (

If you want to be able to get a voucher faster please go to the NYSSA web site at the following link -> NYSSA. Once you join there we will receive within about a week notice of your joining and we will then send you the rest of the membership packet.

Club Trail Conditions 

Our trails are currently CLOSED

3/18/18 - MTR trails are now closed for the season, S52 from Mexico to Parish has very hazardous conditions along the west side of 81. This section will be the focus of improvements for next year, all gates on this trail are now closed! Groomer lost a track today, requiring excavator and log skidder for removal of machine and drags. Please do not go around closed gates, thank you.

3/15/18 MTR trails are opened again from the Eis House east towards Parish.  Ride with caution.  There will be no grooming.  There will be wet spots and may be areas with limbs and trees down due to the high winds.

2/12/18 MTR trails closed again, yesterday’s rain left many bare spots.

2/9/18 -Tucker 3 just finished grooming from the county rail bed (S56) north to MacDougall Rd and (S57) the Palermo Leg to Reds. A few water spots on the power lines are still open so be careful of those and snow is thin in a few spots as well.

2/4/18 - Mexico trails to the east of the village are now open.  The trails to the west remain closed.

1/21/18 -All MTR trails are now closed, looks like we will lose the entire base this time.

1/19/18 - Tucker 1 heading out to groom from Lycoming to Mexico  Tucker 2 headed out and groomed the railbed.

1/18/18 - Mexico groomer just completed grooming to the village & town park.

1/14/18 - Mexico groomer out today filling water holes,replacing washed out culverts and fixing bridge approaches. All bridges were flooded and are now covered with ice. Ride with caution!  Spath Road bridge is ok.

1/11/18 - We would like to ask riders to refrain from using Mexico trails until below freezing temperatures return, hopefully Friday night / Saturday morning. If we can maintain the great base that has been built up, grooming will resume as conditions allow.

12/29/17 -  The rail bed to Atkinson Rd grooming has been completed. George Rd to Fravor Rd is open please ride the road on Fravor and half way down River St and then cut through field Do not ride on people's lawn or follow tracks that are off the road.

12/28/17 - Attention all Mexico trail riders all three groomers have been out tonight and are still going. We are currently working on opening gates on power lines.

Tucker 1 has gone from lycoming to George Rd

Tucker 2 has gone from groomer barn to town park then is going to eis house please note Their has been a small trail change in webers field where the junction is in center of field please follow detour and watch for logging equipment.

Tucker 3 has started from Goodfellow Rd and has currently had some mechanical issues please look out for groomer broke down on the trail in Palermo

12/27/17 - Groomed last night from barn to Kipp Rd C5 junction. A couple tiny water holes hopefully froze with what wasn't filled with snow and one somewhat deep hole that we tried to fill. Shoveled snow in as well, hopefully froze with low temps.

12/26/17 -  The trails are now open with the exception of S52B from the Eis House west to George Rd.  This section of trail will be closed until further notice. Mexico groomer just returned from Eis House and town park, water holes freezing up now. Trails in this area coming along pretty good, now fresh snow has started

12/25/17 - Mexico groomer was out again today, Rt 104 west to co Rt 41 and rail bed to Atkinson Rd for first pass this season. Cleared fallen trees on rail bed. Only a couple small wet areas.  Use caution if riding north. Approach to last bridge just before Atkinson Rd has been partially washed out. Went back tonight and added additional signage.

12/23/17 - Mexico groomer out now, gates on power lines from St Rt 104 in Scriba south to Macdougal Rd will be opened tomorrow. Trail from Eis house west to George Rd will remain closed at this time.

12/23/17 - We will be watching the weather closely today, after temps drop trail conditions in each area will be evaluated. Hopefully parts of our trail system can be opened. What we know at this time is Pulaski end where we connect at end of rail bed is not open. Also huge water holes on west side of 81 from 104 to Grafton Sq Rd. Work will begin on this section Tuesday. If we do open, would suggest local riding plans only. Will update later today, thanks to all who helped in trail prep.


New York State law says three inch minimum


Check out this web map and trip planner webpage:

NY Snowmobile Trails Interactive




7:30 PM

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Stay Safe - Ride Smart!

Do not ride with inadequate snow coverage - NY State law says 3" minimum!

Remember To Respect Our Landowners - Without Them - There Are No Trails! 

An open field is not an open invitation! 


A Track Is Not a Trail!!

Our Trails are open to snowmobiles only!!


Please ride safely and stay on the marked trails.

link for more information -> Safety Page.


We're located less than an hour north of Syracuse, just off Route 81  and we've got over 50 miles of trail, in the snow-belt of Oswego County. We are just far enough away from tug hill to get away from all the traffic, yet close enough to be there within an hour or two by sled. If you haven't done the "loop" from the county trail yet, now is the time to do it. You can go from C4 in Fulton, north to Palermo, where you can gas up. From there you can continue north S52B in New Haven, where you can gas up if needed again, then head east towards Mexico, take S52 west over to Parish, pick up C5 there, and lastly pick up C4 and head west, back towards Fulton where you started. There is a lot to see and experience.  Just about all our trails wind thru deep wooded areas and then open into large fields just to go back to the woods.  In a few areas, these woods are carved open by an abandoned railway where it has been trimmed almost to perfection.  You won't find a lot of helmet hitters on our trails.  Our volunteers do a great job of taking care of brush and low limbs wherever possible while out signing or grooming. There are many places in our trail system that you can grab a bite and relax. There is the Driveway Inn in Palermo,  Sticks and Hazzy's in New Haven, Dahls and the Scriba VFW in Scriba, and the Eis House in Mexico. All right on the trail.  There is even a NAPA in Mexico, that stocks a lot of belts, oil and plugs, just in case, right on the trail. 

So make a day of it.  Come ride our system and see what all the talk is about.

Looking for a place to park that trailer and truck? No problem, see the link below

Park & Rides


Here are our upcoming events

MTR CLUB MEETINGS - Mark your calendar!

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

Held at The Eis House,144 Academy Street, Mexico, NY  13114 (unless noted otherwise)

We will have a sliding board meeting schedule, therefore our future board meetings are at the following locations:

To Be Announced


    To look at what it takes to groom over 100 inches of snow, follow link -> Link

Follow this link for Trail Conditions Page -> Trail Conditions

If you have any trail conditions questions please contact They will be answered on as time permits basis.


Watch for this years NYSSA "2018 Super Raffle" fundraiser.

Tickets are $5 each.  Tickets will be available soon!

2016 Super Raffle

Last year's main fundraiser was the

 "2017 Super Raffle"



A big thanks goes out to the following businesses for selling tickets:

 Jeff & Mary’s Driveway Inn - Palermo

J&K Auto Parts / NAPA - Mexico

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